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Phoenix Iron Works: Restoration, Conservation, Preservation, Contemporary







Phoenix Iron Works casts and fabricates a wide variety of architectual elements. Metals include cast iron, ductile iron, brass, bronze, aluminum, all grades of steel, and stainless steel.

RESTORATION: revival of neighborhoods, renewal of decorative elements, and revitalization of historical buildings.
CONSERVATION: upkeep of cultural relevance in a historical setting. Maintaining antiquity, form, and function.
PRESERVATION: attention to ornate detail in perpetuation. Respectful alternations in current designs while maintaining original stylistic form.
CONTEMPORARY: construct a neoteric element to bring designs into a new realm.

Contact: Carol Russell
P.O. Box 24123 OAKLAND, CALIF. 94623
Phone: (510) 465-9900
Fax (510) 465-9903


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