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Sourcing products to China can be extremely difficult, but it can dramatically lower your costs and improve your profitability. There is no shortage of suppliers who will tell you that they can do whatever you ask. There is also no shortage of buyers who will tell you horror stories of their purchasing attempts with Chinese companies. We have many years of experience working with many different foundries in China and we have developed a short list of the best foundries in the country. We represent companies who provide a wide variety of manufacturing solutions - floor molding, squeezer molding, automatic machine molding, investment molding, die casting, forging and injection molding, to name a few. We can deliver fabricated and machined parts and assemblies. We can also provide a variety of finishing options including primer, topcoat, powder coat, galvanization, anodization, and plated surface finishes. We can help you take an idea, develop it, package it, and deliver it to your customers, or simply provide you with a lower cost alternative to a product that you are currently buying or manufacturing yourself.

South Bay Foundry has developed a reliable communication system with our trading partners and vendors in China. We have solid, established, working relationships with all our vendors. These relationships include non-compete and confidentiality agreements. You can be assured that your ideas, products and information are safe. We have developed a detailed, step-by-step, explanation for sourcing products and we can send it to you at your request. Please contact me, Mr. Xiaoye Li, at (619) 956-2780 or e-mail me at and I will be glad to send it to you.


Li Xiaoye
Vice President, Industrial Division


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